• Level Up Your Social Media

    Social Media is no longer optional.


    It should be an essential part of your overall brand marketing & communication strategy.

    LinkedIn & Instagram have become valuable components of the sales & marketing funnel for brands.


    LinkedIn is the ONLY professional social network right now and perhaps the most underrated of all social media networks. It is skyrocketing its' way to the top for event professionals, agencies, suppliers and brands who are looking to grow online. As a platform, it has the highest user income across all platforms so why don't more professionals, brands and businesses in the global events industry leverage its power? Because it's most likely that they don't know where to start and if it's even viable for their brand and business.


    Instagram has more than 1 Billion users and 500 million daily active user. That's a significant number of people that can be reached through instagram marketing. It has quickly become the go-to platform for someone to search for your brand in order to 'make a decision' or find out more information and even buy your product or service if possible as it's increasingly becoming a full-fledged e-commerce platform. It allows brands to practice creative content marketing through its variety of features such as reels, stories and instagram lives and TV. Why aren't more event industry brands and MICE suppliers on there? Finding your niche, defining and refining your content as well as having structure and strategy are the top struggles they face.


    I'm here to show you how you can use social media and content marketing it to optimise your online visibility to grow your brand online. If you want to raise awareness and strengthen your brand presence.

    If you want to grow and build your network, audience and community.

    If you want to drive leads and generate revenues and sales.


    Why me?

    - I'm the GO-TO for social media in the global events industry.

    - I rank in the top 1% in the events industry on LinkedIn

    - Over 5,000 followers (not connections - there's a difference!)

    - Have been growing my Instagram account organically with 100 followers every month.

    - Have had posts that have engaged in the top 1% on the whole platform a few times on LinkedIn.

    - I have delivered successful social media campaigns for events & brands.

    - I am a total social media nerd and am obsessed with learning about it, using it and empowering others to grow on it!

  • Social Media Services

    Whether it's for your personal brand or your business and team, explore which option suits you best below. 

    Coming soon - Project based consulting.
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