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      Hello, I'm Sabrina.


      I'm an experienced global event planner and mom based in Cologne, Germany.

      I have over 16 years experience working in the events & hospitality industry having worked in hospitality sales to venue-finding to founding a start-up event agency to freelance event planning and management roles.


      I have lived and worked in Singapore, Sydney and London with well known brands such as Marriott, Hilton, The Leading Hotels of The World, George P. Johnson, IBM and Dow Jones International to name a few.


      I'm the founder of the brand, Hot Hospitality Exchange where I create online content for hotels, venues, destinations and events across a variety of social media platforms.


      I'm the GO-TO on all things social media and content marketing in the industry.


      All my content is created from the perspective of an event planner for event planners and the industry.


      'We get to live in a time where we get to use social media as a tool.'

      - Gigi Hadid


      Online visibility is the awareness, opportunities and positive presence that come about as a result of the sum of all your activities across different digital mediums.


      Optimised online visibility can lead to a multitude of wins like collaborations, employment, leads, revenue, income and most importantly, give you fulfilment and opportunities to do thing or work with people or companies that you only dreamed of.


      My areas of expertise within the space of social media and content marketing are Instagram and LinkedIn. I offer individual and group training on both these platforms. If you are an event industry supplier or event planner and you want to 'level up' your Instagram and/or LinkedIn prowess then check out what I offer :


      • LinkedIn Training
      • Instagram Training
      • Get Visible Collective



      Get Social, Stay Visible.


      Get in touch to work with me and let me help you tell your brand story.

      Email: sabrina@hothospitalityexchange.co


      If you want to connect, collaborate or request consulting services.


      'Maybe don't call it social media. Just be human and tell your story.'

      - Gary Vaynerchuk

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