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Sustainability : A Real Life Case Study

Let me show you how Vienna House Andel's Berlin practices sustainability.

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Hello I'm Sabrina Meyers and welcome to my channel - Hot Hospitality Exchange!

This vlog is part of a series of vlogs I'm creating as part of a social media campaign with Vienna House Andel's Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

I am their MICE Ambassador for the next few months and every month I'll be dropping a vlog on a different topic to do with event planning and incorporating the hotel into as my perfect example and muse!

Our third VLOG is on SUSTAINABILITY: A CASE STUDY. As a sustainable certified event planner, I aim to organise and execute events in the most sustainable ways possible. My aim with this vlog was to showcase a real life example of a hotel and supplier - The Vienna House Andel's Berlin and what actions and measures they take to be sustainable.

To my knowledge, no venue or hotel is 100% sustainable but it's inspiring and motivating to see what is being implemented by this hotel because we can all learn what is available and possible to do in order to be able to do it ourselves.

In this vlog, I talk about the 4 key areas that I broke 'the hotel' and it's actions and measure down into to help me assess and evaluate a supplier when it comes to sustainable considerations and they are:

1. Eat & Drink

2. Meet & Sleep

3. Team Effort

4. Communications

Check out my vlog to find out exactly what I mean by the above points and I'd love to hear from you if you found it useful to see real life examples and actions a vendor can take! so let me know your thoughts below in the comments :)

The following are links to key information mentioned in the vlog:

Green Globe Certification:

Stadtbaüme für Berlin Campaign:


Blue Angel: 

Vienna House Andel's Berlin:

Join the hotel on their following social media platforms to check out their adventures as a brand! Instagram: @vienna_house_stories

Twitter: @vh_stories

YouTube: Vienna House

LinkedIn: Vienna House

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Thanks for watching! See ya at the next one!