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How Bleisure Impacts MICE Decisions

Do you consider the bleisure trend when planning your events?

This vlog is part of a series of vlogs I'm creating as part of a social media campaign with Vienna House Andel's Hotel in Berlin, Germany. I am their MICE Ambassador for the next few months and every month I'll be dropping a vlog on a different topic to do with event planning and incorporating the hotel into as my perfect example and muse!

Our second VLOG is on How BLEISURE Impacts MICE Decisions. As an event planner, staying on top of travel trends is key because it could affect and impact my event planning. According to Forbes and Travelpulse, Bleisure is one of the top trends in travel especially amongst millennials. So naturally I wanted to explore this trend and the impact it has on MICE decisions especially from the perspective of an event planner.

In this vlog, I talk about the 4 key areas that I always focus on when it comes to bleisure and evaluating a venue and/or destination for my planned events:

- Gastronomy

- Sipping Spaces

- Wellness

- Culture

Check out my vlog to find out exactly what I mean by the above points and how they impact my decisions when it comes to event planning especially with regards to destination and venue as well as agenda! I'd love to hear from you if you consider bleisure when it comes to planning events or attending events!

Personally it's something I do very often so I can only imagine it is a trend that shows no sign in stoping anytime soon but will become the 'norm'. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments :)

The article I mentioned from Forbes is at the below link:

Vienna House Andel's Berlin has so much to offer for bleisure making it a unique venue in one of the top bleisure destination cities in Europe - Berlin! If you want to go check out the spaces at Vienna House Andel's Berlin, then send an email to: Janka Altmann, Director of Convention Sales - *Let her know you saw the vlog and want to further explore :)

If you think this hotel is a great option for an upcoming event then send your request to Janka as well so her and her team can look after your requirements! For further information on the hotel, check out their website:

Join the hotel on their following social media platforms to check out their adventures as a brand! Instagram: @vienna_house_stories

Twitter: @vh_stories

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