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    Blog Interview

    Sabrina was interviewed by Juliet Tripp for her blog series entitled 'Inspirational Women in the Events Industry'. She spoke about her journey, her motivations, her thoughts on the glass ceiling, advise and inspiration. Click above on the title to read in depth!

    Social Media for MICE Campaign

    Sabrina created and executed a social media for MICE campaign with Vienna House Andel's Hotel Berlin where she worked with the Sales and PR team at the hotel to create and deliver content on different MICE related topics monthly on both their social media platforms. Who says MICE content has to be boring!

    Featured in Blog Post Article from The MICE Blog

    Is TikTok the next BIG thing? Will it be the next B2B platform? And can the MICE industry use it as a content machine? Check out the article from The MICE Blog and our collaboration series, The MICE Exchange on our thoughts on TikTok and its future and potential for the MICE industry.

    Social Media Advice During COVID

    SOBI Travel & Events Interview With Hot Hospitality Exchange

    What social media platforms are key during this time? What kind of content should hospitality industry suppliers be posting now and for the next 3 months? What is all the fuss about TikTok? Is What's App for Business any good? Check out the video to see all Sabrina's answers and more!

    Featured in Blog Post Article from The MICE Blog

    Do you think your success as an event professional that it makes a difference if you are based in a capital city versus if you are working remotely? And if YES or NO, why? What are the opportunities vs risks? What skills do you need in both scenarios? Click to read more!

    Speaker: Personal Branding & How to Start Vlogging

    Sabrina was one of the speakers and panelists as part of 2019 tradeshow, IBTM World's first ever 'Accelerate Stage' and 'MICE Influencer Series'. She gave a talk on 'Personal Branding and how to start vlogging' as well as taking part in numerous panel sessions on Influencer Marketing in the Events Industry alongside content creators such as Mariska Kesteloo, Keith Jenkins, Alessia Di Raimondo, Frank Waechter and Samira Salman.

    Discussing influencer marketing in the events industry in depth.

    Sabrina was a guest on newly launched events industry podcast, MICE FM run by Thomas Danielsen. Influencer marketing is by now a term most people in the travel industry are familiar with. However, most of that is associated with millennials, highly edited images on a beach with turquoise waters and #lovemylife. A new breed of influencers in the B2B space is emerging slowly. In this podcast, eventprof and B2B influencer and vlogger (video blogger) Sabrina Meyers, out of Cologne, Germany talks about influencer marketing, what it is, experiences with influencer marketing strategies, and more. Sabrina Meyers is clearly well-spoken and knowledgeable and shares a lot of wisdom in this one! This is another great episode!

    Discussing all things social media in the Events Industry.

    Sabrina was a guest on events industry podcast, MICEboard run by Peter Cramer from PeC Communications. She discussed all things social media from her personal journey with Hot Hospitality Exchange to campaign, collaborations as well as insights and advice. MICEboard is catered to the German-speaking eventprofs community so it starts off in German but from 2.18 mins - it's in English :)

    Crisis communication: What, when & how should be communicating right now!

    Sabrina was a guest on digital hotel management podcast, Hotelomotion run by Valerie Wagner who is an expert in this field and has a fantastic blog and podcast as well as provides consulting services to hotels. In the podcast, Sabrina discussed the ins and out of what and how hotels should be utilising social media platforms to communicate during the Covid-19 period. This podcast is generally in German but this particular episode is in English. Tune in and check it out!

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