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The Birth

How did Hot Hospitality Exchange come about?

Hot Hospitality Exchange was initially created as a private Facebook Group where event professionals from around the globe were added as members and they could use the space to learn, exchange experience and feedback and collaborate with their peers specifically on venues, hotels and destinations around the globe that they had used for their events.

The founder, Sabrina Meyers who is a big fan of social media started doing online research to discover influential people in the meetings, conferences, incentives and events industry to follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In her research of trying to find someone like her, she came across some great industry bloggers, tweetpeeps and Facebookers. However, she couldn't seem to find anyone to follow on YouTube. She wanted to follow someone who visited hotels, venues and destinations not for leisure or business but for site inspections for events because that's what was of interest to her.

There are so many leisure and travel bloggers, instagramers and tweet peeps but she never got to see the meeting rooms, learn about the event capabilities or find out what she needed being an event professional from following these guys and she came to the conclusion that this person or people simply don't exist which is CRAZY given there are so many amazing, interesting and awesome event professionals around the world. These planners and producers, event managers, venue sourcers and the like visit venues every single day and this information just gets shared within their teams or stay in their own heads.

Wouldn't it be great to share that experience? That site inspection? On a global platform and scale? So she decided to take that on herself to become the first (to her research and knowledge) MICE Vlogger on YouTube. And Hot Hospitality Exchange was born. Her main objective: To create vlogs about the hotels, venues and destinations she has the opportunity to visit and learn about around the globe and share it with event professionals around the globe who might need to know more about these places cause they might be considering it for an event of their own. A planner in Singapore who can go on YouTube and watch the vlog on Park Hyatt Sydney through the eyes of another planner (Sabrina) cause she probably can't fly over just for a site.

YouTube is the largest social media platform on the planet and to have no representation on their from this industry perspective is crazy. So hence Hot Hospitality Exchange - the YouTube Vlog and if you see below, you'll see one of the most popular ones with over a thousand views. If you are a hotel, venue or destination, get in touch as I'm sure if you have a great venue/s, there can be a vlog!